If you were to have only one skill, have this.

I’ve always wondered what makes some people drastically different than the others. It seems so obvious that they are rare and in fact far better than the others. What makes them like this that they’re able to distinguish themselves among fundamentally the same human beings? I never got to the answer of this questions until I took a pause and I asked myself, why am I even asking this question? What is it that is making me ask this question and the answer that came out was, well off course curiosity. And That is pretty much what we are going to talk about today.

You need to work you ass off, or you need to have a positive attitude, this is what we usually hear when someone is talking about 10 ways to be successful. Hard work, Positivity, Co operation etc. I think is all secondary. One of the greatest skill one can have is to be naturally curious about anything and everything. Be curious to a level that you aren’t ashamed to ask or question anything. Curiosity isn’t just the sole skill that you’ll posses while being curious. It’s the growth that you’ll get, it’s the knowledge and insight that you’ll develop experientially which will surpass every other human being if you are not afraid to be curious.

When we think of the great leaders of the world or revolutionaries, one name always comes to the mind, i.e. Steve Jobs. Jobs being the founder of the Apple had very keen interest in knowing things that doesn’t necessarily be useful for his profession, he just wanted to know for the sake of knowing. There was an in built artist in him due to his curiosity. Same goes with Leonardo da Vinci, he just wanted to understand and know everything there was to know at that time and he did. His sheer brilliance is clearly visible in the Monalisa painting where he’s used science to make the painting extraordinary.

You might think that there is no point in knowing everything, Yes you maybe right in saying that. But, if a person is genuinely curious about everything just think about the level the individual will reach in the field he loves. Curious people tend to take more risk as well as for them learning is what truly matters. Everything just comes as a byproduct of it, success, money, fame etc.

Growth is what I see as one of my core needs, and I haven’t been able to grow more than I’ve been able to by being curious. Your curiosity will reflect in everything that you do, the way you talk, way you think, the way you question. It is the whole life that is impacted by just an ability to question and seek wisdom and knowledge. There is no shorter shortcut to success than this, and it does require constant effort and it’s results are not measurable but it is the single most important skill to have. If you were to have just one skill for whole life, I’d say be curious.


A curious mind, sharing my learnings and experience of how I get through life full of questions and doubts. This is Me, Unfiltered

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Yuvraj Singh

A curious mind, sharing my learnings and experience of how I get through life full of questions and doubts. This is Me, Unfiltered