Showing up Matters

Just a little thought today, it's 11 PM and I really need sleep. My mind is working way to slow to write something. I'll just share what I learned today. Someday will test you, they'll make every possible circumstance to disturb your routine. To make you go back to old patterns, cling to comfort zone and not push yourself. But when you show up despite all the odds, builds character and resilience. I've maintaining streaks of my blogs as well as my workouts and both were pending till 10 : 30 PM today. But, you know what as soon as I hit publish button they'll both be checked. Yes, I am low in numbers today. Number of words that I wrote or the number of kms walking was low but I realized there was no lack of effort. Even when I had every reason to not show up, I did and that's truly very satisfying. Keep pushing harder


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