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6 min readAug 29, 2022

A short story

It was the time of the orange hour, when even the winds were subtle and trees seemed like they were beginning to sleep or at least feel sleepy when I saw her. It was not an ordinary day for sure because the sky seemed like it was bestowing blessings that day. It was not just another walk for me because I was not into music but just observation and staring at the nature’s beauty. It was certainly not a normal view of the park because the bench which seemed so out of life, isolated and in the dark was blooming with light and life. That day even the trees dare not sleep because they had to witness this along with me. Even wind played with her hair and sun seemed to delay the night, waiting and showring it’s light on her. It was then my eyes met with hers, and it seemed as if she had already gained control over me as I just froze and even the time stopped. The eyes were as deep as though her soul was looking through them. I never had even experienced such power in someone’s presence. Samantha, I spoke as if someone went inside me and messed with my voice box to get it out of me. She responded, Yes Do I know you? I was too afraid to even stand and watch, so I ran away. I knew I was the most stupid and dumb person on the planet to do this, but I could not summon up the courage just to face her as if I have committed a crime. One thing which was not understood though was, How did I knew her name, and was it really Samantha?

It was a cold night, when where you could actually feel your anxiety getting multiplied because of it. I went down a deep loophole, creating every what if scenario and every blunder that I could have done, and criticizing myself on what did I just did. Maybe I would never see her again, I thought. But I hoped that I did, but even if I did, how would I face her. These thoughts would come an go like the passengers on a bus for a few days. Then one such night when I was walking towards my house at night, there she was walking straight towards me, making the night alive and freezing the time again, but this time I was walking even though my speed reduced. I thought she would slap me or ask me about what happened, she did looked at me once but walked passed me as though I wasn’t even there. I saw her turning backwards hoping that she would turn as well, but she didn’t. Maybe she forgot about what happened, but this time I at least had to check if her name was Samantha, I shouted her name and hid behind a car, she did turn and then walked away. I didn’t even understood why I was doing what I was doing, it just felt as if I was not myself.

Few weeks passed by and everyday hoping to see her I would walk more than I usually used to but no signs of her. As the days passed by even the trees and flowers looked sad. Maybe it was just me, the wind had loneliness in it. It lost it’s ability to comfort me anymore and the sky just looked depressing. That day I just felt that I need to drink a coffee, being a non-coffee person it was very abnormal for me. Anyways I went to grab a coffee, there was this cute little dog near the coffee store, who seemed like he was made to be pet. So I went near him to give him something to eat, it looked like a very calm and quiet dog. But, as soon as I got too close to him, he suddenly exploded. I was shocked at this discovery and to save myself I rushed backwards, lost balance and fell on the road. After that I remember getting hit by a car, and then an another hit by something before I fell unconscious.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself in an hospital with a team of doctors and nurses around me, I was connected to so many medical devices as well as I had only a blurry vision. There was no one in the city who could actually come and be by my side, because everyone I knew was out and my family was in another city. I could see that I was not very serious, but there was a need to be operated and someone had to be there on my behalf. I heard a voice there and than, a female voice. She said, “I would do it”. That’s what I remember before I fell unconscious again. When I could feel anything again, it was someone’s had holding mine, it was the same voice saying everything is going to be alright. You are going to be fine she said and I felt it. As my vision got clear I was dumbstruck. It was her, Samantha, right it front of me. If I wasn’t unconscious for so long I would’ve fainted again. She was one of the doctors in the hospital I was admitted in. She would be by my side most of the times, I thought is this some kind of magic or what. One week was left before I was going to be operated. My condition was not that serious, she would talk to me about how I was feeling, how I was holding up and then many random conversations. Even in that condition those days felt like the best days of my life, we were too deeply connected from the beginning, she felt like she already knew a lot about me. The way she would take care of me, felt like love. Yeah, I can say we were in love even if it was a very short time were together, still I felt it and maybe she did too. But, it was never expressed. I wish I had.

It was the day of the operation, I was kind of confident going into the ICU, don’t ask me what was I operated for or what was the problem, I just remember her smiling face, telling me see you on the other side. It is gonna be done before you know it, Even till the last moment of going into the ICU I was seeing her, What did I even do in the whole world to deserve her? I asked myself. Then, they told me that they’d have to make me unconscious. Slowly, my eyes were lid, leading into the darkness from which I never woke up. Maybe the operation was unsuccessful, the doctor’s were too irresponsible. I am still not able to process that because I was in pretty good condition to not have met with her again. Long story short I was dead, and that is all I remember. Just the last few days of my previous life. It’s been 30 years now and I am 21, I still remember her face vividly. Her beauty is still the best in the world, don’t worry I’ll tell you how I knew her name in the first place.

I don’t remember much, but maybe I knew her name because I knew her in previous to previous life as well. Not only that I knew her but I had a deep connection with her which seemed to have passed on. I am sitting in the same park right now, the trees look older but they seem to know me, this day feels like I’ve lived through this. And that particular bench…..you’re not gonna believe this, it’s her. Same Samantha I saw 30 years ago, same bench but it’s too old now. This time, I’m not gonna wait, will meet you later reader. I’ve to go and this time go all in. HEY SAMANTHA……….

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